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What is WordPress

WordPress is a web resource content management system (CMS, Content Management System, Woocommerce), which is one of the most demanded around the world. Even if you have no programming knowledge and no practical skills, using the set of tools "Wordpress" you can independently create a wide variety of sites and ensure effective management of their work.

CMS allows you to place widgets, change design, display different elements, create and publish posts, etc. With the help of such a system, all elements of a web resource are formed, and it is customary to call it the site engine. The network has a huge variety of software and management systems, among which the leader in popularity is WordPress.

Over 30% of all existing resources are built on this platform, and in the total number of sites that run on CMS, their share exceeds 60%. Obviously, it is this control system that leads the market.

Functionality WordPress

Of all the numerous tasks that this CMS can solve, we will single out the main ones.

Creation, editing and deletion of statistical pages with company information, contacts, etc.

Processing comments, including enabling, disabling and determining the maximum number on the page.

Creation, deletion and editing of publications (records).

Rubrication, tagging, use of the RSS format and search.

Editing photos and other images online (cropping, scaling, rotating, etc.).

Adding custom options with numerous widgets and plugins.

Creation of a site based on one of the many templates (allows you to simplify the task as much as possible).

Word processing in a built-in WYSIWYG editor that works in both html and visual mode. The abbreviation stands for What You See Is What You Get, which means “what you see is what you get”.

Writing an address for your site, using a human-readable URL (CNC), choosing from numerous formats.

One article is not enough to describe all the functionality of WordPress. Due to the fact that the developers have opened access to the code, the functionality has significantly expanded and a huge number of tools for working with sites have appeared. As a result, even experienced users are not familiar with all the functions. To work successfully with "WordPress", it is enough to navigate the basic capabilities of this CMS, to know about the necessary and most popular plugins.